Foodie Fail on the Fourth!

Oh say can you see! 

Foodie fails happen, and today that's just what happened to me. The plan was to create a lush plate of patriotic french macarons. But, I drove myself crazy wanting them the way that I do...perfect.

The things that I thought could go wrong, did. Egg whites do throw tantrums and there is such a thing as too much food coloring. Oops!

I must say, the batter was beautiful, and my piping, pristine. The after? Meh. I guess it could pass as a new invention— an accidental almond cookie, perhaps. 

The thing is, macarons are one of the most delicate desserts anyone can attempt to make. Between the sifting, tempering the egg whites, and the waiting, is it really worth the fuss?

Foodie Fail_French Macaron

For me, it’s not. Maybe I'll crack the code someday. After all, it was my first attempt.
French macarons are a temperamental treat I’ll gladly spend $20/dozen on! Sweet Lobby, anyone?

But if you’re willing to give french macarons a go, do so with this recipe! Or, watch this quirky video

Happy Fourth!