Guess what? It's gonna be May!

When contemplating the perfect date to launch Quirky Crumble, plenty of dates floated around my mind, but none was concrete. “Soon” became the de facto date. That meant any time. A date unquantifiable in time and space. But there was another factor — fear. I was terrified to set a date and not deliver.

But, whenever I’d mention the wretched “soon,” friends inevitably chimed in with their own urgencies…

“We need your blog right now!”

“When are you launching?”

“I need that recipe I saw on your Instagram…like today!”

So, why today? Well, I’ll be honest…it’s gonna be MAY!

Two weeks ago, after developing several concepts and an editorial calendar, I was ready. Soon became today! I flipped through the calendar and realized this week was, in fact, gonna be May.

If you don’t get that —that’s okay. I was done resigning myself to a perfect date. Because, frankly, there isn’t one. The time is today, not soon.

I figured why not capitalize on one of my favorite times of the year—the eve of May. Don’t know the significance? Let me drop some late 90s/early aughts knowledge on you…

If the POTUS is in on it, then you should be, too.

You see, there’s this often misheard lyric on a track released in 2000 by a multi-platinum selling group. Perhaps, you've heard of them. They tended to arrive or dance in sync for most of their chart-topping career. 

If my memory serves me right, the oft-misheard lyric goes a little something like this:

“…baby when you finally get to love somebody, guess what? it’s gonna be me..”

Wait, the word May isn’t mentioned. Ah, you’ve gotta listen for the vocal inflection that spawned hundreds of memes. It's so good, even the guy who sang the lyric embraced it

Yes, my launch date is intertwined with a historical meme. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to Quirky Crumble!

Embrace the quirks, stay for the crumbles.