The Crumble Recap - May Edition

There are a thousand words I could say about May but in all honesty,  it was gone in a flash. Here’s where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m headed…

WHERE I'VE BEEN... Livin’ the Life at VA Beach!

In the middle of May, my family and I traded in the locomotion of life to live the life at Virginia Beach! Once upon a time, the Beach was our fave destination. But once everyone’s lives started to fall into formation, the Beach couldn’t seem further away. 

Ocean views, dolphin sightings,  skydiving (albeit, indoors), toes in the sand, and great company are just a few highlights that come to mind. 20 years later and there we were! 

“If you don’t have photos, you don’t have anything.” - Mr. George Feeney 

WHERE I AM...Feeling happy! 
I'm happy that I decided to give food blogging a try. It's a strange, yet satisfying feeling to have a nook on the web to share my innermost foodie recipes aka my quirky crumbles. What was I so scared of anyway?

WHERE I'M HEADED...Delivering more crumbles!
I didn't just abandon ship; I've been knee-deep in planning mode. This month is all about delivering those scrumptious quirky crumbles! Here's what I've got in the pipeline...

Kale Yeah Smoothie
Tangy Mushroom Stir Fry
Ginger-Spiced Banana Bread